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Advanced Control Exercises

IIAV3017 Advanced Control

Exercises with partial solution Proposals

  • Exercise 1      
  • Solution 1
  • Exercise 2b  
  • Solution 2b  Solution for the MATLAB part in the exercise: oppg12_o2b.m
  • Exercise 3 (pdf-file)  obfunc.m  main_obfunc2.m  obfunc2.m  obfunc3.m dread.m
  • Solution3 (pdf-file)  losn_ov3_oppg1a.m      losn_ov3_oppg1b.m
  • Exercise 4 (pdf-file)
  • Solution 4  main_inv_pendel.m    fx_inv_pendel.m   main_ov4_oppg2.m
  • Exercise 5 (pdf-file)  MATLAB m-files for solving the ARE: are_schur.m  blkrsch2.m cschur2.m  MATLAB m-file for Task 1: exercise5_task1.m
  • Exercise 6 (pdf-file)
  • Solution 6  m-file used in Task 3: ov6_oppg3.m  m-file used in Task 2: ov6_oppg2.m
  • Exercise 7     Discrete systems. Week 40 and 41. You may also work with exercises in Ch 9
  • Solution 7    ov7oppg3.m
  • Exercise8  Week 45. Solution to Task 3:  dlq_ex3_du.m . m-files for Example 5.2 in lecture notes: main_dlq_rdu.m and main_dlq_rdu2.m . Calling m-files: dric_solv.m
  • Exercise 9    Wednesday November 21th. Work with the examples in the paper "Discrete LQ optimal control with integral action". M-files for the examples:  dlq_ex4_du.m (for ex. 5.1) dlq_ex3_du.m (for Ex. 5.2) main_kolreg_lq.rar (m-files for Ex. 5.3)
  • Exercise 9b Work through the Doyle LQG example 12.2 in lecture notes and paper example
  • Exercise9c 
  • Solution 9c
  • Exercise 10 Note: There is an appendix to exercise 10. (In norwegian: skip). Distillation column example. Non-linear model. main_kolreg_lq.m Se alsp zip-file d-col.7z. Also create:  d-col Toolbox. MATLAB m-files to exercise 10. Create a map with name, d-col. Upload the file: d-col.zip and extract the contents to the created map. This is a MATLAB Toolbox, and you can type, >>help d-col, in the MATLAB commoand window to display the contents.
  • Copyright David Di Ruscio, 28-09-2022