Lecture Plan: IIAV3017 Advanced Control Engineering

Week nr. Date Topic
34 20.08 Introduction, notation, state space models, solution of the state equation, discrete time state space models, controllability and observability.  

Lecture notes Ch. 1. Files to run Ex 1.3 in the lecture notes, ctrb2ex.m, gram2.m

Video Lecture 2018: Lecture1a  Lecture1b

35  27.08 Zeroes and poles in multivariable systems. Multivariable frequency analysis.  Analysis based on both transfer matrix models and state space models. Example in lecture ex_zeroes.m

Lecture notes Ch 1.8 and Ch  2

Video Lecture 2018: Lecture2a  Lecture2b

36 3.09 Introduction to optimal control of linear dynamic systems with Linear Quadratic (LQ) criterions.

Lecture notes Ch.. 3, Ch. 4.1 and Ch.  4.2

Video Lect. 2017: Lecture 3a  Lecture3b  Lecture3c  Lecture3d





Lecture notes Ch 3 and exercise 3. LQ-control and Sections 4.3 and 4.4.  Ex. 8.3-9.5 LQ and PD control.

Section 4.6, systems with disturbances. LQ-control with integral action as an example. If time, solution of the Algebraic Riccati Equation (ARE) Section 4.5.

Video Lect. 2018: Lecture4

Video Lecture: Solving the ARE using Real Schur Decomposition of the Hamiltonian matrix F=[A -H;-Q -A^T]. Note -H in the F matrix in VideoRecord.

38-39 17.9-24.9 Section 4.6  and 4.8 Optimal systems with disturbances and integral action.
Video Lecture Fall 2018: Lecture5a  Lecture5b
video Lecture  Fall 2017: Lecture5a  Lecture5b

Optimal tracking systems, Sections 4.7 and 4.8. details not syllabus.

Lecture 24.09
Short intro! Discrete optimal control. Ch. 5.1 and 5.2
Video Lecture fall 2018: Lecture6a  Lecture6b

40 1.10 Standard Discrete time LQ optimal control problem. Ch 5.2
Introduction to method for Discrete LQ optimal control with integral action

Video Lect. 2018: Lecture7
41 8.10 Discrete LQ optimal tracking control, Ch 5.3.

Method for Discrete LQ optimal control with integral action

42 15.10 Discrete optimal control Lecture notes 5.3.

mic-journal paper: LQ optimal control with integral action

Video lecture
Fall2018: Lecture8a  Lecture8b
Fall2017: Lecture8

43 22.10 Discrete optimal control Ch. 5 Lecture notes Ch 5.2 and 5.3.

LQG control Doyle paper

Video lecture
Fall 2017: Lecture9a  Lecture9b

43-44 22.10-29.10 1) Standard discrete LQ opt control problem, Ch. 5.3. Josephs stable formulation of the discrete Riccati eq and solving the DARE dric_solv.m

2) LQ with integral action:  note.

3) Control of distillation column example. As in Example 5.3: m-file Software in d-col.zip main_kolreg_lq.m  Description of distillation column model used in Ex 5.3 with parameter numerical values 2620_001.pdf Se also Ex 8.1 for a distillation column modeling example. Function dread.m used in main_kolreg_lq.m

44-45 29.10-5.11 Weighting control deviations. Paper:  Discrete LQ optimal control with integral action (pdf-fil uten figurer)

LQ optimal control with integral action (mic-paper). MATLAB scripts for the examples in the paper: dlq_ex4_du.m, dlq_ex3_du.m,
dread.m (low level function used)

Solution to given exercise: main_2x2_ex.m

Function to compute the optimal control: dlq_du.m dlqdu_pi

Testing Alternative 1. x=x+y and Alternative 2 x(i+1)=x(i)+y:
main_test_alt1.m main_test_alt2.m

45 5.11 Lecture notes Sec 5.4. Weighting control deviations. Sec 5.6 Solution of DARE, generalized eigenvalue problem. Ch 7 Time delay. Examples tau=1, tau=2 delays.

Ex impementing delay model in Ch 7.2.1  ex1_delay_ssmodel.m

lecture notes Example 5.2 m-files: main_dlq_rdu.m   main_dlq_rdu2.m

Integral action: paper

IMC tuning rules etc. (Lecture notes) (Lecture notes2)

46 12.11 Lecture 12a Estimator and Regulator duality, Ch. 11.1-11.2
Lecture 12b The Separation principle, Ch. 11.3
Lecture 12c The LQG controller, Ch. 11.4

1) Control and state estimation. Kalman-filter. Lecture notes Sec 10.

2) Exam 2010 Task 1 amd Task 2

3) Handwritten solutions to some old Final exam tasks (in norwegian)(2641_0001.pdf)

47 19.11 Summing up lecture.

Main Topics: System theory, from Ch.1 and 2. LQ optimal control of linear continuous and discrete time systems, Ch. 4 and 5.

Control and state estimation. Kalman-filter. Lecture notes Sec 11.
Exam tasks.
Robustness in LQ and LQG systems. Ch. 13 and 12. (short info)
Uncented Kalman Filter (UKF note) (for info).

LQ and PI control with time delay. (Paper for info) (for info).

New paper on LQ optimal control with integral action:http://www.mic-journal.no/PDF/2012/MIC-2012-2-1.pdf

Video: Fall 17 20.11.17

 26.11 Final Exam

 Teacher: Dr. ing. (PhD), Associate Professor, David Di Ruscio              

Email: david.di.ruscio@usn.no