Main Topics:  Advanced Control Theory

1. Part1- System Theory: Models of systems. Continuous and discrete time domain models. State space models. Laplace plane transfer function models. Poles and zeroes. Stability. Linearizing non-linear models (analytic and numerical linearization).

2. Part2- Continuous time LQ Optimal Control: PID controllers.The SIMC method for tuning PID controllers. Model reduction and the half rule. Laplace plane formulation of the PID controller. Continuous Time domain and discrete time domain state space formulation of the PID controller. Implementation of the PID controller. Practical aspects as anti-windup (reset windup) and Bumpless transfer between manual and automatic control. Velocity/deviation form of the PID controller, trapezoid and Euler methods. Non-Minimum phase systems and Bandwidth of a control system. Controlling Integrating Plus Time delay (IPTD) plants and Double Integrating Plus Time Delay (DIPTD) plants

3. Part3- Discrete time LQ Optimal Control: Phase crossover frequency. Gain crossover frequency. Gain Margin (GM), Phase Margin and interpretation.  Bode and Nyquist stability criterion. PID control with Ziegler Nichols method and similar. Design of PID controllers for prescribed relative time delay error, GM etc.

4. Part4- Special: The Kalman Filter and LQ Optimal Control: LQG control. Time delay compensation and multivariable systems. The Smith predictor. Relative Gain Array (RGA) analysis. Feed-forward control, ratio control and Cascade control. Split Range Control.

1. The figures are from Di Ruscio and Dalen (2017)

Teacher:  Dr. ing., 1. amanuensis David Di Ruscio                          


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