System Identification and Optimal Estimation

Lectures: Wednesday 12.15-14.00, Thursday 8.15-10.00 (Lectures on Thursdays).

Digital teaching until further notice. For details visit the class schedule (TimeEdit) and  lecture plan

Exercises (and lectures): Friday 10.15-14.00 (Digital).

An introductory lecture will be Wednesday January 12th-2022 (Video): Se Lecture plan.

Project Mandatory report/exercise:  Each student should write a report over a mandatory exercise.

Final test/exam. A final test counts 100%.

Useful basics in  linear algebra:

Course 1: Basic linear algebra. Lecture notes

Course 2: Applications of linear algebra in courses etc. Lecture notes

Teacher:  PhD, Associate Professor David Di Ruscio                            

Updated 26.01.2022